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Feel warmly welcome to follow our blog where we share stories from Sicilia Integra Project-Based Learning.  This is an example of edge work supporting the integration between hosting communities and migrants, they themselves shifting from being the victims of traffickers to agents of change, building a better future, free from poverty and war while supporting the local Sicilian economy.

Sustainability Designers – the future is here!


The third Sicilia Integra course in Design for Sustainability through Organic Food Production is taking place in Catania, Sicily. Our latest designers for sustainability, a group of migrants and Sicilian youth are already in their third week of training.

Now in the ecological element of the course  they are developing skills that will stand them in good stead, whatever the future holds. Working together for an integrated society, these young people are the shining stars for a very bright future.
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Adam; I remember that we  were facing difficulties in this last generation and we have to search for the solutions of the difficulties, that’s why we started with Gaia Education to create unity among mankind. Am putting into practice 100 percent of what we learn from the cause and i like everything about the training am doing…

By Siaka Jammeh



Muhammed Janneh

The main ideas that have stayed with me from the five weeks course are; In the social design week we learned about; Agreement and the process of agreement like Form, Storm, Norms and Perform. Collaborative communication. Compassion means caring for one another and responsibility. Mudita means your success is my success. We learned the two ways of communication; Deep speaking and Deep listening. In the Economic and Social Economy week we developed our understanding of Health, Hygiene, Safety and Security at work place, Micro Credit and Micro Finance where we discuss Banks, Loans and Investment.

In the Ecological design week we learn about permaculture and the main principle of permaculture, which is Earth care, People care Fair share. We also learn about Cropping systems, Water and ways of preserving it  for agricultural purpose. These are some of the main things that important to me;

One of the things is, Collaborative communication and also Health, Hygiene, Safety and Security at my working place. What i like most about the training on the job is everything am doing. There are challenges but am living up to them and hopefully at the end of the training we will continue working with Gaia Education. that’s our aim and objectives…

By Siaka Jammeh

Story of Salvo Perna breathing life into new friendships and an integrated, sustainable future for all. ​



My name is Salvo Perna, I live in Sicily, a beautiful land rich in history, art, culture and that, in these times, its tragically know for the dead migrants in neighbouring waters.

I joined the project participating in his 2nd course, I was curious about the title, Sicilia Integra (Sicily Integrates), uncorrupted, but capable of integrating people like us live dramatic moments.

My drama called work, that no longer exists, because after 50 years of industrial exploitation, devastation and pollution they have consumed all without thinking of the consequences, and now simply closes their refineries; and the farms? All abandoned by farmers  now industrial workers retire or from cancer deaths.

The drama of black friends that reach us called it war, hunger, but in anyway it binds us all being migrant, he who runs away from a violent death, or he who runs away from a difficult life.

So I wonder why keep running?

I stopped to think with what are now my best friends and with them we have taken root for a new sustainable future.

Together we have found ways to recover these abandoned lands and in 5 weeks, thanks to the educational programs of Gaia Education and some fantastic people that represent it we created a design for a Bio Park that will restore life to a dull community and allow the emergence of a new network of cooperative farms and the inclusion of any other boys both migrants that Sicilians to give new life to the local economy and new hopes for the future.

Before I was alone and unemployed, now I  seek to start new initiatives with new friends.



My name is Marana Yunusa, from Nigeria Edo State am 18 years old. We are 4 in number, i have 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister and i am the first born of the family. I’ve been to school up to grade 12 and also have some little experience in garden work, bricklaying and plumbing. I came to Italy in 2015 and i go to school to learn speak the Italian language. I would like to stay and work in Italy…Am also working in organic agriculture.

Ahmed Samir is 18 years old, went to school for 5 years. He is the second born of a family of 4; 2 sisters and 1 brother. I worked  in the garden own by me for many years and i came to Italy in 2015 where i have been learning to speak Italian. I would like to stay and work in Italy and open a Restaurant… Am also working in organic agriculture.

By Siaka Jammeh



We asked Adam How he feels working in Villarosa

I am felling good and feel happy that Gaia Education has done a lot of me. They have made me someone where before with out work i was nobody…

What are the Challenges

The challenges here are to work good and work hard for our part of the project to lead the way for the rest and to learn from and our fellow students…He is also working in organic agriculture

By Siaka Jammeh