Learning about Permaculture and much more on the Sicilia Integra Course


By Katerina Skronta

My name is Katerina Skronta, I am from Greece and I graduated from the School of Agriculture at the University of Thessaloniki. I discovered permaculture from two Italian farmers that have lived their lives according to the principles of it. I always wanted to learn more about permaculture and to gain experience working in the farm.

During this course, I learned more than I expected. First of all, I met beautiful people from all over the world. Every day, little by little, we came closer, we shared our stories and started to build a team. This for me was unique because it is the first time that I have tried to build a big project while being a part of a team. I realised the importance of taking into consideration everybody’s opinions and giving everybody the opportunity to express their thoughts. I had also the opportunity to express my own ideas and to dream of how this project would be in the future. I developed my critical thought and every day when the course ended I always had food for thought at home.

From the agricultural point of view, I learned techniques that I am very interested in practicing more in the future. Meeting John Button and Francesca Simonetti who taught us how to design our farm in a sustainable way following the principles of permaculture was very helpful because it showed me that this approach can be successful and efficient.

I would like to thank all the people that helped to accomplish this course wishing to continue working all together for future projects and completing everybody’s dreams.



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